When the pandemic hit, Richard Millman wanted to help, as well as maintain his livelihood. As a sports professional, his career was going to be on hold for a while. For many years, in addition to his day job, he has been the USA distributor for iMask, a protective eye shield for racket sports like squash.

He and his partner in Australia modified their design to create a Face Shield that covers the whole face and can be used by frontline workers as a barrier to infection.

The i-Mask+ Face Shield is lightweight, reusable, easy to assemble, and has replacement parts that can be switched out for deep cleaning.

Richard is now producing these in Georgia, USA as well as here in Britain and selling them direct to consumers and in bulk (at a discount) to frontline workers in the medical and other fields.

Introductory Video for iMask+ Face Shield

Richard Millman explains how the iMask has been modified to be used as a shield off the racket sports court: